Shri Shivaji Education Society Amravati's

J.D. Patil Sangludkar Mahavidyalaya Daryapur,

Maharashtra 444803

NAAC Reaccredited with "B++" Grade CGPA (2.88)

Department of Microbiology

About Department

Department of microbiology was established in 2011 as graduate teaching department. The department has continued to promote and upgrade the knowledge of students, researchers and teachers and completed 12 years of its fruitful existence in 2022. Microbiology is being offered at UG level in combination with Chemistry and Zoology with intake capacity of 30 students. The main objectives of the department is to provide knowledge and applications of microbiology and to inculcate research aptitude in students. Teachers give hands on training to each student so that students can stand in the research and industries sectors. The Department carries various outreach activities such as Blood Group Detection Camps, Sickle Cell Anemia Detection Camps, Hemoglobin Estimation Camps and Water Testing in the nearby village.


The vision of the Department of Microbiology is that the knowledge in theory and practical aspects of Microbiology is imperative for the development of the country.


The Department considers its mission as to produce personnel with expertise of the highest standard in the field of Microbiology to cater the increasing demand in the country for microbiologists.