Shri Shivaji Education Society Amravati's

J.D. Patil Sangludkar Mahavidyalaya Daryapur,

Maharashtra 444803

NAAC Reaccredited with "B++" Grade CGPA (2.88)



Maintaining the momentum of quality consciousness is crucial in Colleges. Internal Quality Assurance Cell, in fact, is conceived as a mechanism to build and ensure a quality culture at the institutional level. IQAC was established in the college on 25th July, 2004 as per the guidelines of NAAC, Bengaluru. IQAC consistently works for planning, guiding and monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE) activities of the college. The IQAC channelizes and systematizes the efforts and measures of the institution towards academic excellence. The criteria based assessment forms the backbone of A & A process of NAAC. The following seven criteria represent the core functions and activities of the institution:

  • Curricular Aspects

  • Teaching-Learning & Evaluation

  • Research, Innovations and Extension

  • Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  • Student Support and Progression

  • Governance, Leadership and Management

  • Institutional Values and Best Practices